Various Artists | The Early Singles | Collection 2CD 2020


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Various Artists | The Early Singles | Collection 2CD 2020

Go Country Records GC017

‘The Early Singles’ is the collection of the 30 most significant songs taken from our first releases. The singles from the albums that allowed Go Country Records to take its first steps going international.

CD 1

1. Cowboy Sad Lullaby (Big cowboy Feat. Valentina Mazzaretto)
2. Don’t Use Your Heart (Cris Mantello)
3. Ghost Town (Dario SN)
4. Muscle Car 396 (Tim Bradley)
5. Wild Wild West (The Beer Drinkers)
6. When The Summer Goes On (Spaghetti Jensen)
7. Young And Brave (Tim Bradley)
8. Swiss Mountains’ Stomp (Cris Mantello)
9. Texas Beans (Andrea Cesone Trio)
10. Fishing Boat (Don Diego)
11. Back In A Time (Tim Bradley)
12. Butterfly With Broken Wings (Ally Joyce)
13. The Easy Way (Dario SN)
14. Last Train To Georgia (Tim Bradley)
15. Life (When I Was A Child) (The Beer Drinkers)

CD 2

16. Don’t Be Afraid (Big Cowboy)
17. Keep On Rollin’ (Cris Mantello)
18. Brace Brace (Spaghetti Jensen)
19. A Rooster And A Gun (Don Diego)
20. The Boys In The Band (Spaghetti Jensen)
21. Thousand Reasons (Tim Bradley Feat. Amy Gentile)
22. Yodelin’ With Me (Cris Mantello)
23. People Dancing Rock’n’Roll (Ally Joyce)
24. Make The Right Choice (The Beer Drinkers)
25. Show Me The Way (Flavio Delladio & George McAnthony)
26. Rockin’ Dave (Cris Mantello)
27. Shooting Star (The Beer Drinkers)
28. I Wanna Play The Steel Guitar (Cris Mantello)
29. Texas Train (Tim Bradley)
30. Screw Up (Spaghetti Jensen)


Produced by Paolo Pizzi

Printed in EU

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