Rossella Scarlet – The Outsider (2020)

Track List

  1. The Outsider
  2. Don’t Say
  3. My Man
  4. I Prefer To Sing
  5. Still Right There
  6. The Only Way I Know
  7. This Is Not My Song
  8. I Really Don’t Care
  9. Now You’re Gonna Be Loved (Feat. Sean Mencher)
  10. Dana Lee
  11. Guarda Che Luna
  12. Got To Go
  13. (Bonus Track) Freight Train

After the EP released in 2019 with El Toro Records, Rossella Scarlet has clearly identified the path to follow and actually reached a turning point. The collaboration with Cris Mantello has been certainly useful for the purpose. The artist from Busto Arsizio has in fact participated in the new record production of the Italian-English singer, as a musician, arranger but also as a facilitator, able to drive Rossella Scarlet  into the big Go Country Records  family.
‘The Outsider’ is really an international production. The recordings took place between Italy, UK and the United States and involved several  musicians, including the Ameripolitan Award winner Sean Mencher, who participated as a guitarist but also as the author/composer of track number 9  ‘Now You’re Gonna Be Loved’.
There are a total of 13 tracks, 10 of which are originals bearing the signature of Rossella Scarlet. There is no lack of personal and introspective reflections, as in the title track ‘The Outsider’ and track number 4 ‘I Prefer To Sing’, where the music is revealed as usual a safe haven. Songs like ‘Don’t Say’, ‘Still Right There’, ‘Dana Lee’ and ‘Got To Go’ deal with sentimental relationships from different points of view, in an overall vision that does not leave out anything: opportunities, troubles and emancipation.
The impossibility to live an ordinary life featured in the song ‘The Only Way I Know’ and the need not to compromise, in order to avoid singing what is not your song and therefore to live the life of another, as in track number 7 ‘Not My Song’, complement the declaration of independence and total freedom that is represented by ‘I Really Don’t Care’. In the song ‘My Man’ the memory of the recently deceased father lives again, in the description of the day of his death that remains indelibly imprinted in his daughter’s heart.
The cover ‘Guarda Che Luna’ and the ‘bonus track’ ‘Freight Train’ are the artist’s favorite classics and are included in the album in a personal interpretation.


Cris Mantello (arrangements, engineering, electric and acoustic guitars, steel guitar, banjo and mandolin), Pete Rawlings (double bass), Mauro Florean (drums), Michele Pari (Trumpet), Sean Mencher (guitar on ‘Now You’re Gonna Be Loved).
The main and second voices are all by Rossella Scarlet who also played her acoustic guitar, almost as if to accompany herself in a singer-songwriter performance. Actually the scenario is more articulated, with arrangements which are able to enhance the poetic and musical message that so more easily can be conveyed to the attentive listener.

‘The Outsider’ (single) official music video

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