Various Artists – Made In Country – The Ultimate Collection

Track List

  1. Muscle Car 396 (Tim Bradley)
  2. Swiss Mountains’ Stomp (Cris Mantello)
  3. Brace Brace (Spaghetti Jensen)
  4. Show Me The Way (Flavio Delladio & George Mc Anthony)
  5. People Dancing Rock’n’Roll (Ally Joyce)
  6. You’re Red Cup (The Beer Drinkers)
  7. Lonely Rider (Cris Mantello)
  8. Last Train To Georgia (Tim Bradley)
  9. Texas Beans (Andrea Cesone, Paolo Pizzi & Greg Ferrarese)
  10. Thousand Reasons (Tim Bradley feat. Amy Gentile)
  11. One More Time (Fish)
  12. Cowboy Sad Lullaby (The Beer Drinkers)
  13. El Pajaro Loco (Cris Mantello)
  14. Keep Your Way (Spaghetti Jensen)
  15. I Need Only (Country Zone)
  16. Spaghetti Western (Tim Bradley)
  17. Butterfly With Broken Wings (Ally Joyce)
  18. Stay (Country Strong Band)
  19. Waylon Didn’t Drink (The Beer Drinkers)
  20. Looking Back Home (Country Zone)

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