Spaghetti Jensen – Livin’ On The Road

Track List

  1. Brace Brace
  2. Hollywood Playmate
  3. The Officier
  4. The Boys In The Band
  5. Teamwork
  6. A Night Like This
  7. Nashville Time
  8. That’s Why They Call It Work
  9. The Blues Ain’t New
  10. This Is The Time

Where the different musical experiences converge to a junction on the Nashville mainline, this is what Spaghetti Jensen band actually delivers, with a solid rock sound. On October-31-2018, Spaghetti Jensen published a collection with the best of their first ten years of music. ‘Livin’ On The Road’ is not a simple ‘the best of’ but a reasoned collection of ten songs with which they want to tell us where they setted off and where they are now, in a point of real re-start towards a new phase of their career. We are going to recognize it soon, as soon as we’ll be able to listen to their new stuff. Listening to ‘Livin’ On The Road’ we can now try to frame the artistic history of this Italian band that has breathed the American musical culture even if from a distance using it with mastery as a frame of its musical narration.

This record has been released in both digital and physical format (CD) on October 31, 2018.

‘The Boys In The Band’ (single) official music video

‘Brace Brace’ (single) official music video

‘Livin’ On The Road’ on Spotify