Cris Mantello – Keep On Rollin’ (2019)

  1. My Oh Mine
  2. Lonely Rider
  3. I Wanna Play The Steel Guitar
  4. White Back Blues
  5. Double Fun
  6. King O’ Fool
  7. The Brightest Side
  8. Indian Cry
  9. Keep On Rollin’
  10. Out Of My Heart
  11. I’m A Big Boy Now
  12. American Way
  13. Indian Cry (Tribal)

Easy does it! is what you can say when someone is trying to manage a very delicate stuff…roots music is something delicate, but he can do it!
Cris Mantello album ‘Keep On Rollin’, released in both digital and physical format (CD) on February-22-2019, has been the first step on the trail that brought us as promised to a new phase of his career in which roots country, hillbilly and rock’n’roll are the ingredients of his personal musical receipe. Cris Mantello really wear his music, he deeply live it, and this is what makes everything so authentic.

‘Keep On Rollin’ (single) official video

‘I Wanna Play The Steel Guitar’ (single) official video

‘Keep On Rollin’ on Spotify