Cris Mantello – Swiss Mountain Stomp (2019)

  1. Rockin’ Dave
  2. Swiss Mountains’ Stomp
  3. Redneck Heaven
  4. Scimp-A-Rock

‘Swiss Mountains’ Stomp’ encloses Cris Mantello rockabilly soul. It is an EP whose sounds are around between the mid and late 50s. A short but rich record featured by solid and primordial songs, but sought after in their simplicity. Originally published in 2017, this EP is now part of Go Country Records Catalog and it’s been released in both physical and digital format.
The records starts with ‘Rockin’ Dave’, a firm jumpin’ jive, dedicated to the drummer and friend Dave Giudici. The second song is the title-track ‘Swiss Mountains’ Stomp’, the core of the record. Composed in Switzerland, the second home of Cris Mantello. It is a cheerful and authentic piece, characterized by parts in yodel, which draws not only on Swiss Folklore but also on traditional country music. ‘Redneck Heaven’ is a stroll that all girls want to dance and it precedes the closing song of the record, ‘Scimp-A-Rock’, sung in Italian Language so as not to forget his roots. Still with a late 50s jive styleand demential lyrics, thought of as a tribute to the great Clem Sacco.
This EP was produced with Al Dual between Spain and Italy, all tracks are featured by an almost obsessive search for an authentic sound. The arrangements are rich in quotes and tributes to the great of the past. ‘Swiss Mountains’ Stomp’ is a real Mantello-Style record, a pillar of his discography.

‘Swiss Mountains’ Stomp’ performed live by the Cris Mantello full-band

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