‘The Infinite Inside’ a brand new album by Saul

Despite the romance that surrounds music, the act of writing a song doesn’t happen by itself, you have to make it happen. That’s how, the man and the songwriter Saul, made it happen. After untangling the copious amount of notes and melodies recorded on the phone collected over the years, Saul spent enough time in the recording studio to produce a second album ‘The Infinite Inside’, which follows the 2018 debut ‘In Between. Things’.

Now permanently settled in northern Italy, but having lived most of his life in the UK, Saul has led that kind of life as a nomadic songwriter, which makes the essence of his music a true storytelling experience. As a direct result of his unique background, his songs feature a refreshing authenticity both in writing and in production, and the genuine sound of someone saying what he means and means what he says.

The collaboration with several musicians and with the Italian musician/producer/arranger Guido Zanzi allowed to broaden the scope of his most recent works. His latest album “The Infinite Inside” is a balanced combination of rock and melody that still retains a strong acoustic folk element. His themes are a little less introspective than in the past, but still offer a very engaging reflective component.

‘The Infinite Iside’ has been released on November 26, 2021. We could not fail to notice a singer-songwriter like Saul, given the attention we are placing on the americana/songwriter scope, with which we are rapidly expanding our catalog.

The album is available worldwide on digital-stores for streaming and download and in pysical CD format. You can also purchase a copy from our on-line shop.

The single ‘And I Woke’ official music video

”The Infinite Inside” on Spotify