Upcoming single featuring Tim Bradley & Cris Mantello

Music is always with us during all moments of our life, Music is always there by our side. In the darkest and happiest moments, it is a song that comforts or excites us or that simply acts as a soundtrack to the experience of the moment we are living.
In the specific case, it is a song written by Cris Mantello, which shows his talent as an author and composer, produced by the musician, producer and arranger Paolo Pizzi, played in a vocal and guitar duet with Tim Bradley and initially included on his album ‘Back In A Time’ (Go Country Records, 2019).
The result of this teamwork is ‘I’m Your Country Song’ or ‘No Te Olvidarè’ in its Spanish language version. A ‘double-sided’ single, even if thought only for the digital market, which from July 3rd will be able to live its own life thanks to its re-release by Go Country Records. The double version in English and in Spanish will allow to intercept both the reference markets of the two interpreters.
This initiative moves away from what has been done so far in the sector of productions related to American music in Italy, and which confirms the ability to innovate and think internationally of the Italian label Go Country Records and its production staff.