Thirteen Tales

The Cris Mantello video library is enriched weekly with new contributions dedicated to the stories behind the songs taken from his latest album ‘Thirteen’. A review of short videos that reveal the background and tell the stories that inspired the writing and composition of the songs included in the recently released album.
The videos, which to date are 5, are included in a playlist named ‘Thirteen Tales’, which is present both on the artist’s Facebook page and on the YouTube channel, as well as on his official website.
This initiative is unique in its kind on the Italian music scene and it will continues, according to the artist, until it reviews thirteen songs in total, not only taken from his latest record. In fact, also his previous most successful songs will probably be taken into consideration.
The official communication of Cris Mantello and Go Country Records is thus enriched by an innovative and extremely usable and intriguing content, which will maintain its value over time.