Go Country Records to release an ‘early singles’ 30 songs collection

The most significant songs taken from the first publications of the label. The singles that accompanied the albums that allowed Go Country Records to take its first steps on the international market. It will be called “The Early Singles” and will include 30 songs, featuring artists who have made up the beginning of what promises to be a long journey for the young Italian label. This selection of songs also photographs a period in which Go Country Records’s promotion and communication activity brought these artists and their music to the European market and in some cases to the North and South American and the Australian ones.
With a white cover, as usual in the Go Country Records compilations, the collection will be released on April 30 only for the digital market, and will features songs by: Cris Mantello, Big Cowboy, Spaghetti Jensen, The Beer Drinkers, Dario SN, Tim Bradley, Ally Joyce, Don Diego and many more. You won’t miss it on digital stores worldwide.